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Great,fun,and awesome


This game is addicting and very fun!


Addictive! Just like most other games!


Very entertaining game! And its free!!!

Little monkey

Nice relaxing game

Fruit lite

Very nice lil game


cool game can stop playing

Finally a game I love

Love playing I can play for hrs. Love the challenge.

Frutas locas


Boss Lady

Fun, Fast Paced and Addicting!!!


Me gusta




Anything that keeps the kids happy is alright with me!

Fruited lite 2


Addictive and fun

I love this game... I make sure my daily chores are done and then I snuggle with my favorite pillow, my iPad 2 and the game fruited2. :)


Great simple game. A good way to improve concentration.

Great graphics!

This isn't really my type of game, but I'm giving it a good score because it does have wonderful graphics, and you can tell that the developers put a lot of work and love into making it into a very nice game. Lots of action, and cute monkeys, squirrels, worms in the fruit, and so forth. Really a great game if you are into match threes. Good work, you guys!!! I'm impressed! ((~.~))

Fun & fast

Quick, fun

Fun game may purchase

Like it - good way to waste mindless minutes.


Love this game, can't stop playing.


Great game, fast pace and addictive.

Good game

I like the game.


Pretty cool, especially for a freebie! I only wish you could mute the sounds.


Nice game


One of the best


This game is loads of fun, fun fun.

The best

By real diva 419

Good game

Free version is fun can't wait to purchase the full one.


Great game!

Fun game!

Addicting!!!! Lots of fun and I play for hours...


Love the quick action of making decisions then dealing with the consequences. Food for fun.

I love this game!!!!!!<3

This game is so fun and addicting it always gives me something to do!!!!!!

This game is very addicting. I love the monkey,squirrels and neat sound effects

This game is very addicting. I love the monkey,squirrels and sound effects

Fun game I like it's

I like it's

Fun game

This is a cute and fun game, i like it.


Hard but worth it!!!!!

I like it

This is a lot of fun to play

Bejeweled with fruit...nothing special

Simple match three game. Cute, but nothing to write home about.

What an amusing game

Honestly, this app really makes me do nothing except playing it!!

Flooded meets Tetris

Not really my kinda game but is a good distraction to kill some time.

Nice little game

Not a bad match-3 game. Cute power ups and graphics, though for a universal app the resolution is a bit low on the iPad display, giving it the look of a blown-up iPhone game.


Nice graphic. The fruit make me hungry.

not good

just boring but worth a try

Recommended downloads

Picture good, very fun.

Great app

Very addicting app and very fun

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